LifeTalk 30 Year Anniversary

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LifeTalk Podcasts

When it comes to podcasts you can listen any time. Listen online or download our handy free LifeTalk App, available for multiple platforms. Discover many helpful and interesting podcasts provided free from LifeTalk Radio.

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Explore LifeTalk Kids

Building character for now and for eternity is what LifeTalk Kids is all about. Discover great programs like: Awesome Science, Discovery Mountain, Your Story Hour, Adventures in Odyssey, Lamplighter Theatre, Pathways of the Pioneers, Sailor Sam, The Bible in Living Sound and more.

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Spring Sharing Cards

A new season is on the way as winter gives way to spring. Now is a great time to take a moment to send an eCard to someone special in your life. Discover beautiful FREE digital sharing cards from LifeTalk Radio.

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